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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear Blog

Hello Old Friend,
    It has been a wonderful summer, filled with family, trips, the beach, friends and relaxing time. I must apologize for neglecting you. I promise to do better and to share with you the many pictures and fun we had when school gets started up again.

Much love,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back from Vacation- Sanibel Island

What can I say about Sanibel Island, Florida?! It is perhaps one of the most lovely places I have been. In addition to being named one of the best shelling beaches in the world, the people are among the most friendly. The beaches are clean and calm. The waves gentle and the water cool but not cold. Family friendly to the nth.

We stayed in a wonderful condo near the 1880's lighthouse (Thanks m-i-l Millie!)
We saw lots of wild life and then visited a wildlife rehabilitation hospital on the island called C.R.O.W. We also went to the fabulous Bailey-Matthews shell museum...The Raymond Burr was a benefactor there.

Of course you also have to note the wonderful restaurants there: the Island Cow and the Purple Giraffe were both delicious. Crab Bisque is some seriously good stuff!

And every evening, we were treated to fabulous sunsets!

Overall a wonderful vacation....
it's just that they are always too short!!!!
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