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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hello to all my Lovely Blog Reading Friends,

Well 2011 sure was a whirlwind of changes around here....
Hubby self employed, Etsy business running, son's last year in middle school,
family health changes and oh yes,

I took a new day job....
My new day job is as a para-professional in a VPK class  (actually 2 classes)
with 38 four and 5 year olds. I have always loved working with kids and though it
surely doesn't pay very well and it totally wears me out every week,
I feel grateful to have such a rewarding job that makes such a difference in the
lives of these young ones.

Though they are a challenge many days, they are certainly a blessing too.

Now, let's see how I can balance jewelry making with this new schedule....

Many blessings to all of you in this New Year...  Happy 2012 !!

Here's a sneak peak of my latest design

It's back to school tomorrow....
See you soon  :)

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