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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Green UWIB Style

Hi there and Welcome!
It's time for a blog hop! I am so excited this is my first time participating in a blog hop!
This one is being sponsored by my teamies at Unique Women In Business .
The theme for this month is "Something Green". I hope you enjoy seeing how each member created something unique and exciting for their expression of this theme.

I created these lovelies that I called Fandango Leaf earrings by forging the frames out of copper wire and wire wrapping beautiful green vitrail finished crystal bicones to them to make a kicky pair of modern earrings.

Be sure and check out the wonderful "Something Green" creations from the blog hop participants

Audrey F
Karen T-M
Robin K
Linda R
Birgitte H
Judy W
Rita W
Robin P
Ann R
Trudy M
Cory T
Cory T
Nancy P
Wendy K
and check out the  UWIB Blog

Thanks for coming by!
Today I give thanks for my family, a lovely sunny day, time with my best friend, fresh okra and blog hops....
oh and coffee  ~smiles~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I am up to today...Genealogy / Family history and Stories

As part of my hobby quest to document my family heritage, I am transcribing Court ordered road records from the 1790's while my DH and son are out doing their man things.

It can be slow going what with the handwriting, the faded entries, the age of the documents with their assorted creases and tears. Still in an era when many people didn't read and write, I am thankful to have them. I've even found a few of my ancestors in them.

Take a peek and you'll see what I mean (and this is one of the better copies)

What would you like to know about your family heritage??
Today's blessings:
Family, sunshine, a little rain and Coffee

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My funny Valentine.....

On Valentine's eve, I left cards and sweet little present on the table for the 2 loves of my life to find at breakfast. On Valentine's Day, those 2 wonderful guys let me sleep in a to love those two.
My son couldn't stand the suspense anymore though and woke me up so he could show me what he made me for Valentine's...

 Yep, It's a Lego Valentine.....

Then wonderful hubster got in on the act...

Sigh...I love those guys of mine!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

On the wrong side of the Needle ??

Did you know there is a right side and a wrong side to a sewing needle? Don't believe me?
Just take a peak at the needle's eye under a magnifying glass and you will notice that one side is more beveled than the other...making that side easier to thread...
Next time you are frustrated or going blind while trying to thread a needle, just turn it around and try the other side...
Oh, also, lick the thread and the needle eye as well....It really does work
Just a few facts about Sewing Needles
•Sharps are medium-length needles with small, rounded eyes. The larger the number, the finer the needle.( Just like wire gauge...)These are considered a general all-purpose hand-sewing needle.

•Betweens are short needles with small round eyes for fine quilting and detailed handwork. The larger the number, the finer the needle and of course, the finer the stitch. Again, Just like wire gauge...
•Embroidery/Crewel: For all types of embroidery and crewelwork, these needles with their long, oval eyes can handle yarn or several strands of embroidery floss.
•Large Eye is a needle that is actually two thin flat wires bonded at both tip ends of this sharp needle. You open the two flat wires to thread any thickness of thread making it foolproof (and so easy!) to thread. I love these.
•Beading needles are for picking up several beads or seed pearls at a time before attaching to project. They are long & fine with a small, round eye so they can pick up even the smallest of the seed beads
•Long Darners have large eyes and long shaft make the stitches line up perfectly. The shaft is perfectly straight until the point, so all your stitches will stay nice and even.
•Leather has a 3 sided chisel point so it can easily pierce through leather and suede.
•Silk Ribbon needles have large eyes and sharp tips for stitching into fabric so can be used with cardstock and lighter weight papers.

To be sure, I left out a few  but these are some I use.
How about you?

Almost lost vacation- South Dakota 2004

 Now Found!!!! 

It was 101 degrees when we landed in
Rapid City, SD but the next day, it snowed....
 We love to visit the National Parks of our Great Country! Many years ago, 2004 actually, we took a family vacation to South Dakota. We made a great big circle tour and saw lots of wonderful landmarks, wildlife and Native Amercian settlements and treasures. While I have never forgotten that trip, it was only recently that I came across the pictures that I thought were long lost with a computer crash from years ago. To my great relief, I found them in a totally unrelated file..Yipee!
Here are some I'd like to share

in front of Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills

Blue Belle Lodge /Custer State Park

Florida's marker ~ Mount Rushmore

Where the Buffalo roam...Custer State Park, SD

Jellystone Park in SD

Mammoth site near Wall, SD
  The landscape, scenery and wildlife were incredible ......
Ready for a chuckwagon ride..

Circle View Ranch in the Badlands

An awesome view aross the terrain
 ...the history, amazing..the wide open spaces, unbelieveable!

I highly recommend South Dakota as an amazing family vacation. If you have questions about what to see, where to go, etc., please feel free to contact me or leave a comment...
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