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Friday, August 26, 2011

In the Pit?

I flicked on the radio while I was driving yesterday and into the middle of a radio program. I wish I could tell you what program it was or who was speaking as he was just wrapping up, however,  I missed that part....
but what he said in his wrap up really spoke to me.  Read on and tell me if it speaks to you

He told this story:

I decided to take a walk along a certain road one day, and I fell into a deep dark pit.  It took me a long time to get out.   It wasn't my fault.

I decided to take a walk on that same road another day and I fell into that same pit. It took me a long time to get out. Why didn't I see it? Maybe it is my fault.

I decided yet again to walk that road and I fell into the pit again!!! I got out a little fater this time. It is my fault.

One more time I decided to walk that road and this time I saw the pit and walked around it.

Finally, I decided to walk a different road.......

We all seem to have some pit filled roads in our lives and why oh why do we continue to go down those same roads knowing those pits are there? Isn't it time to take a different path?

Your thoughts?


Life Is A Lark said...

Reminds me of the book Who Moved My Cheese.

Audrey said...

Thank you for that!! I had not heard of that book before but looked it up and found

It sounds like an outstanding read!!

I was amazed at my 13 year old son's insights when I told him this story.. he's one smart cookie :D

AliciaArtShop said...

I love your opening statement, "It is up to us to help each other out and lift each other up." You blog is very uplifting! ~Alicia♥

Audrey said...

Thank you so very kindly Alicia!!!
I'll be popping over to your blog right away :D

Sheridan said...

I'm moved by the story. I think we have to go another direction if we keep on falling. It is time for change.

Jade Experts

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