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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cedar Key - a wonderful visit

Just got back from a family camp out with my son's boy scout troop. We camped at

Cedar Key....a wonderful place just about an hour west of Gainesville.

A sleepy fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico with oodles of history and scenery. They have purposefully tried to keep it somewhat undeveloped and preserve it's history. An amazing estuary filled with birds and sea life, and the biggest horse shoe crabs I have ever seen in my life (apparently it's mating season and they were every where). The large white pelican (pictured here) were everywhere too. They will be gone soon as they migrate north.

They have 2 big festivals every year in Cedar Key...April 24-25 is their arts and crafts festival and in October they have a large seafood festival.

We also purposely took the scenic route on the drive and saw the lovely town of Inverness and several others too.

If you've never been to Cedar Key, it is worth the trip!!

Just the get away I needed....

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