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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lizard Chow ?

We have an outdoor cat. Like many cats, she is a nibbler. Quite often there are remnants of cat chow left in her bowl.  Frequently, I step outside to see stray cats and even birds eating from her bowl. This morning was different though......   I stepped out today to see 3 little Florida garden lizards eating from her bowl! Darned if I couldn't get my camera fast enough to catch that shot. Of course, they had scattered by the time I got back with it.                 This one decided to tell me how offended he was at my interrupting his breakfast! I didn't realize I was serving up lizard chow.                                             It was hilarious!


crash said...

What kinda lizzard was that i caught 3 and wiuld like to understand how they live

Audrey said...

It was actually cat chow Crash but apparently, lizards like it too....LOL

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