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Friday, June 4, 2010

America 1935 - 1939

One of my way too many passions is genealogy! It is important to me to know where we've come from and for my son to know. Especially because so many of our family lines have ended and I don't want those who were so important in my life to be forgotten. I also like to help other people with there's when I can. I've been doing this almost 12 years now and have learned a LOT!

A real thrill for me is to look at old pictures (especially when they are my ancestors, but even when they are not) and think about the lives of those in them.

I recently got a look at some from various places in America from 1935-1939. We forget how hard a time that was then. Take a look at some of these. They gave me a new sense of gratitude for life today.

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