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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Loss- Eric Schubert

It's been a tough few days.

Eric Schubert, our Church Congregational president and a dear friend passed away in the wee hours this morning.
He was only 55.

The kind of man he was: Eric and a college friend established this company - they help track and care for kids who are in danger of getting lost in the foster system and provide many other services.

This past Saturday, he mowed the lawns of 2 of his elderly neighbors and then came home to mow his own. The heat was awful. He rested a little, then started on his own lawn. A few minutes into it, he suffered a massive heart attack and fell and hit his head on the concrete sidewalk. His lovely wife, Diane, is a
nurse and happened to see him fall. He slipped into a coma as she was giving him CPR and trying to call 911. He was air lifted to the hospital and they tried everything, but he had been too long without oxygen and he passed away just after 2am this morning. We are heart broken. Surely the world has suffered a great loss.

Our hearts and prayers are with Diane and their families.

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