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Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrating Womanhood - UWIB Blog Hop

What does womanhood mean to me? It is a never ending process of creativity, growth and new beginnings.
Wow, that almost waxed philosophical didn't it? But, it is the truth for when we stop growing, we wither and die. 

For sometime now, I've been pondering this idea, as I enter my 50's and start thinking about what my next path might be. I have dabbled in so many different creative things over the years...and thruth be told some not so creative things... that my house is stuffed with too many crafties.  I can't bear to part with any of them, I cry but I have come to the realization that this may just be a new stage of growth for me.
If my Mom were to read this, I am sure she would see herself in this part of me....I can say I come by it honestly.. Thanks Mom.  It pleases me to have passed on creativity to my son too-- hopefully I don't pass on too much of the pack rat gene :)

But celebrating womahood is so much more. Think, who are your deepest and best friends? I don't get to see my BBF as much as I'd like since we now live in different towns but I do know that I can pick up the phone even if a month or two has gone by and in minutes we'll be in thick of it laughing, crying and chatting picking up where we left off just as though it were yesterday. We are each other's cheerleaders but are not afraid to be brutally honest when it needs doing either. I love her like she was my sister... Oh wait, she is my sister!!

I've also "met" some wonderful lady friends in our Unique Women in Business etsy group and I have to say, even though I've never actually laid eyes on any of them, they are some of the best and most supportive friends a gal could ask for.

Please take some time to visit the blogs of these other Unique Women in Business and see what Celebrating womanhood means to each of them.

Rita Wetzel
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Wendy Kelly
Cory Trusty
Karen Terry


Elephunk said...

I definitely sympathize with the pack rat problem! I think it goes hand in had with the creative spirit. I can't throw something away, I might be able to make something out of it!

I enjoyed reading your post.

Audrey said...

Thank you Celeste! I do bel;ieve you are right about that :)

capecodjewel said...

Packrat here.
I think it comes with the crafting gene. ;)

At least our crafty stuff doesn't compose and start to smell. ;)

Linda :)

capecodjewel said...

I meant "de-compose"... lol

Audrey said...

Oh My Linda... that would be horrible, wouldn't it? I don't even want to think what it would be like here if it did decompose... LOL

Thanks Doll!

Life Is A Lark said...

Have to agree with the others...Pack Rats Unite! The problem is organizing the "treasures" so that you can find them when you have a project in mind. Great post!

Audrey said...

Oh goodness, now isn't that the truth and I can be so "out of sight, out of mind". I've been trying to used lear storage containers to help with this.
Taking it step by by day...I'll get there one day
One day soon my hubby hopes!

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Great post!


Janet Bocciardi said...

Oh boy can I relate to the arts and crafts supplies.. and books... It never bothered me before I turned 50. I always thought ya never know when I might go back to this or that. Hitting 50 made me realize that I was not going to have time to go back to everything. Funny thing is I started thinking about the aging process and which I would likely go back to!

I couldn't just dump the old magazines so I started selling back-issues on ArtFire. I have a long ways to go, but I can actually start feeling that it feels good to lighten up and make things simpler. Not so sad but liberating!

Your comment about spending time with those we love hit me, too. Since we all have so little time I try to make sure I spent the time with those that really matter and spend less effort and time with those that bring you down. I've learned that we outgrow people, too. And that's okay.

Oh so sorry for this to be so long - obviously you hit some nerves! ; )

ritascreativenest said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only creative pack rat around. I keep trying to downsize but seems everything is needed for something that I'm making soon!!

Robin said...

I connected with your statement about friendship--thank you.

Audrey said...

Thank you very much for your comments Ladies.
Janet, Thank you for the insights...especially about realizing now that at this stage we can't do everything. I don't want to feel strangled by my stuff. I started a destash shop and sold a few things but have not paid much attention to it rethinking that now as I have a veritable plethora of magazines and books in addition to crafty stuff :)

Kelly said...

I read your blog post and said is Audrey living in my house >
I just turned 50 and realized that my. life is loaded with project and stuff I lost interest in.
My Hubby has told me that we have been in our house 20 years on Saturday--and all i can think is that I have 20 years of too much stuff. Time to sell it or freecycle it.

Audrey said...

Right there with you Kelly...we've been here 16 years...Oh My!

Audrey said...

Love the post!

Audrey aka "another Audrey, NOT the Garden Lady"

Aquarian Bath said...

Glad to be in your Etsy friends circle. :)

Audrey said...

Thank you so very kindly Audrey and Cory !!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sweet. Beautiful image too. And thanks for the blogs to check out!

Audrey said...

Thank you Rose!!! I am honored to see you here :D

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