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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A tribute to Mom

I belong to a fabulous and supportive group of ladies know as Unique Women in Business or UWIB for short. Many of us are Moms, some even Grandmoms
and certainly all of us have a Mom.
My Mom is a very special person in my life and had her in mind when I curated this UWIB team treasury

Thanks Mom for who you are, for all you do..
I love you...


Paper Squid said...

A really nice tribute to your mom and from a great group :))

Audrey said...

Thank you very much Karyna. I appreciate your kind comment and left you one on your post from today too :)

Kerri said...

Lovely tribute to your Mom and Beautiful works of ART!

Audrey said...

Thnak you very much Kerri!!

WellspringCreations said...

I'm glad that we can (eventually) appreciate all that our mother's did for us! They deserve to be celebrated and you did it beautifully! Thank you!


Audrey said...

Thank you Judy! My Mom is very special to me :D

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