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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uplifting stuff

Every so often, I hope to write something here that you might find helpful...
so here goes part one:

Connect and network with Internet Forums.....
i.e. Get your face out there
With so many people looking for jobs, new lines of work, to market their website, social outlets, etc.,
Internet forums are one piece of the pie. Are you using them?

Forums are places where people with similar interests can meet, exchange information and chat online. To become a member of an Internet forum you usually have to sign up on a membership site. This doesn’t involve any money. Sites want to keep up how many members they have.

The sites include other perks and ways to join in but the forum is where most people go to congregate and talk. You can use these forums to not only promote your website but also get a little extra that can add up to big benefits for your business.

Here’s how they work. Once you join the membership site, you can access the forum by creating a username and password. When you log in, you have access to all the different topics and threads (each conversation started by forum members).

Become a Familiar Face on Forums Where Your Target Market Hangs Out
Do you have the gift of gab and a lot of knowledge to share? Then you can promote your website business for next to nothing. That has to sound good especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising right now.

Next: Choosing and using the right forums

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